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Versions of Android SDK

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Android SDK 22.2.1 17/07/14 Free English
  • Mac OS X

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Develop mobile applications for Google's Android platform

James Thornton

Recent changes

  • Settings.System includes various new settings for storing wi-fi states
  • Camera includes a new interface Camera.ShutterCallback for receiving notification that the shutter closed after taking a picture
  • Several new fields were added in SensorManager
  • ItemizedOverlay adds new methods for managing overlays
  • Class MyLocationOverlay adds new methods to determine whether compass is displayed on the MapView and to receive notification of sensor accuracy change
  • New methods for loading and unloading sound effects in AudioManager
  • Class MediaMetadataRetriever is not supported in this release
  • Method is not supported in this release
  • includes new classes for keeping the wi-fi radio awake and recognizing pairwise cyphers for WPA. Several changes to fields and methods in other classes
  • org.apache.http.impl included in the platform


For reasons that do not depend on Softonic, you will be redirected to download Android SDK on the author's website.

  • Comprehensive development kit
  • Skinnable emulator
  • Can be tricky to operate for beginners
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The Open Handset Alliance, a group of more than 30 technology and mobile companies, is developing Android: the first complete, open, and free mobile platform. To help developers get started developing new applications, we're offering an early look at the Android Software Development Kit.

Key benefits of Android:


Android allows you to access core mobile device functionality through standard API calls.

Breaking down boundaries

Combine information from the web with data on the phone - such as contacts or geographic location -- to create new user experiences.

All applications are equal

Android does not differentiate between the phone's basic and third-party applications -- even the dialer or home screen can be replaced.

Fast and easy development

The SDK contains what you need to build and run Android applications, including a true device emulator and advanced debugging tools.

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